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Since my childhood I have been searching for the Truth that is not conditioned by religious and intellectual dogmas.

From the age of five I remember myself quite clearly. I went with my friend for a walk on a spring day. At some moment I started screaming: "Look! Everything here is fake! It's not real!" That day I could not process my feelings and was not conscious of my spiritual thirst yet.

Later, I found out from my father that as soon as I learned to speak, I started constantly tormenting everyone with questions they could not answer. During that time, I was reading all the books that we had at home. I enjoyed science fiction and Indian fairy tales the most.

So I kept searching for the things that I could not find in the literature.

Christianity and magic

I got introduced to Christianity but was trying to find the answers to all my questions in it unsuccessfully. I was observing morning and evening prayer rules and attending church. I even started painting icons at some point. As I grew older, I began asking more questions to my priest and delved deeper into orthodox mystical Hesychasm. The Pilgrim’s Tale made a great impression on my worldview. During that time I got fascinated by magic and was consuming all the books available to me. I learned to make pentacles and perform rituals. The thing that attracted me the most was the pentagram, the magic of the planets, and the teachings on reincarnation. Talking about reincarnation with my priest made me realize I needed to evolve spiritually. My whole being was saying that reincarnation was real and my current birth was just one of many. However, the priest would deny all my arguments. I was curious why some people were born healthy, but others were sick. His answer appeared very vague. He said: “This is Heaven’s will”. I did not want to believe that the Absolute would put us in an inherently unequal position. So I googled “What is the Truth?” and got suggested learning about Indian philosophy.


Book by book, I kept discovering relatable spiritual knowledge of India that became dear to my heart. I would easily memorize Sanskrit poetry and entire Vedic shlokas on the 1-2 attempt. That was a truly shocking linguistic experience for me. As I graduated from the Faculty of Physics in Microelectronics, I felt so relieved for there was nothing that would keep me from my soul searching anymore. I had more time on my hands. Since 2003 I had been studying all the available literature on Vedic palmistry, magic, numerology, Vastu (sacred architecture and design) and in 2009 I made a decision to dedicate my life to astrology. I took a comprehensive course on astrology at Sanjay Rath School but his approach to astrology left me wanting to learn more. So I learned from Narsimha Rao, B.V. Ramana, R. Liberty, and D. Frawley. When, I finally met K.N.Rao I found a fully satisfying approach to astrology.


What I liked about Rao was the fact that he was a true researcher. Before publishing a book, unlike the vast majority of modern astrologers, he would conduct thorough research on 10,000 horoscopes at his Astrological Faculty at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Delhi. I was absolutely convinced, and so was Rao, that only a scientific approach to astrology could adjust the classical texts to contemporary society. While visiting India in 2009, I also saw Rao. That day I was yearning to learn whether I could study astrology and devote my life to it in his opinion. Rao nodded affirmatively. I asked for his blessing and he put his hand on my head. He recommended I consult less frequently and do research as much as possible. That approach to astrology really appealed to me.

Later, I met other Indian astrologers who confirmed that I needed to keep practicing Jyotish (Vedic astrology). Perhaps, they liked my Vargottama Mercury in Virgo in Raja Yoga and Budha Aditya Yoga, located next to Ketu and my strong trine.


It has been almost 14 years since Rao gave me a blessing (it is April 23 2022 today). I am still working as an astrologer as it has been predicted based on my chart. So far I have traveled to India three times and now when I close my eyes, it feels like the Himalayas are calling me back. Sometimes I remember one saint man (Sannyasi) that I met while walking along Ganga in Rishikesh. He stopped and said to me: "You need to translate our teachings and adjust them for Russians. Then he just walked away. I was so stunned that I think I will never forget that encounter. Nowadays I indeed am focusing on classic texts, such as Shivaite, Tantric, and Astrological teachings, while trying to decipher the hidden messages in them.

Today I am offering astrological services, writing new articles, conducting research for my astrological school, and teaching several students individually. My soul searching finished in India when I realized that "God is One". The Absolute Consciousness manifests its impartial will through the planets that weave the fates of the countless characters and their horoscopes, which is just a dream and a game of the United Consciousness that is beholding the metamorphoses of this world through your eyes.”

Analyzed astrological charts: 4,036

Astrological articles: 910

Instagram followers: 10.4k

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