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Gabi Satori
design studio
perfect web design in alignment with the stars
Website development
artistic approach to your website with attention to detail
and your astrological chart
  • Name and logo
    We select the appropriate name for your website and the domain zone to make your project successful. Your personal astrological chart makes a great impact on your business.
  • Colour scheme
    Every individual has specific colours that bring them luck. prosperity and stability. If chosen incorrectly, they can cause unnecessary obstacles in business.
  • Sacred symbols
    All the planets in your horoscope are associated with certain symbols, deities and energies. We use this knowledge to protect your project from negative influences and increase the profitability of your business.
  • Fonts
    Every individual has certain fonts that reflect their personality and evoke the feeling of peace and confidence in them and in their clients. We make sure to select the appropriate font.
  • Image making
    We select your image while you are interacting with your clients via your website. There is a way to make your communication formal or informal. We are able to add a store on your website, order forms, an online chat. If you will, there can be your contacts only.
  • Launch date
    One of the most crucial steps is to launch your website considering the best planetary position. Myriads of potential difficulties in your business can be avoided by simply choosing the right date and time for launching your website.

Design aesthetics

2003 - 2022
We have dedicated 19 years to web-development and digital photography. Today we are creating web-sites of any complexity.
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quality hosting, further website support and CMS training

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About Gabi Satori
- constantly seeks to improve his professional skills
- received two international web developer certificates with honours (gold cup) in 2022
- has been working as a Vedic astrologer since 2009
- practices meditation
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