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Next available time slot is in 3-4 weeks
If you prefer an earlier consultation:
- during 7 days +40
- on the same day +80
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Book my astrological reading as a Birthday or Christmas gift. You will receive a special certificate with a personalized design including the name of the receiver, the time and date, and a short message from me!

I am proud of my work and I love what I do.

I consider these testimonials my reward for all the consultations

I have conducted since 2009.


How to book an astrological reading:

1. Prepare your date, place (city), and time of birth. Do not forget to check it with your relatives!
2. If your birth time is not accurate, you will need to additionally order birth time rectification.
3. Choose the preferred astrological service and prepare a list of questions in advance. Keep it to yourself before the consultation.
4. Message me to book your time slot (see Contacts).
5. Pay for your astrological service (see Payment details).
6. Prepare your headphones/earphones in advance. This is extremely important!
7. Call me at the appointed time via the preferred means of communication.

IMPORTANT: We can have an audio or video call - it is up to you and your comfort level. In case you are over 10 min. late, the consultation will be considered to have taken place. In case you need to reschedule your consultation, please let me know at least 72 hours prior, otherwise, there will be no refund. Please do not send your birth information in advance and bring it to the astrological session.


How long is my consultation going to be?
Depending on the type of a consultation, it usually takes around 30-60 minutes or less if you are done with your questions.
Can I get my astrological reading in a written form?
I prefer calling, since writing takes an incredible amount of time.
Is it possible to record my astrological consultation?
Yes, you absolutely can. Please let me know when you are booking your consultation that you prefer to meet via Skype/Zoom.
How soon am I going to get my consultation?
Please book your consultation advance. Next available time slot is usually in 3-4 weeks. If you prefer an earlier consultation, you can order it:
- during 7 days +40€
- on the same day +80€
What is your work schedule?
I work from 7:00 to 21:00 local time. In special cases, consultations are possible at other times. I can adjust my schedule in special cases.
In what cases can you refuse to accept an order?
... if the prashna (the horoscope at the time of a client’s order) shows that the client’s intentions are not pure
... if a client comes to entertain themselves or test me as an astrologer
... if the mentioned time of birth is absolutely incorrect or missing whatsoever
Do you employ anything else in your work than Vedic astrology?
In addition to Jyotish, I use Chinese astrology, palmistry, Vastu (sacred architecture), and psychosomatic techniques.
Can we meet face-to-face for a consultation?
Sure, please message me so as to negotiate this option directly.

What is a Vedic horoscope?

The moment of our birth determines our new incarnation and destiny. This moment is very important because the position of the planets or the natal chart (Rasi) of the newborn sets the direction of their character, health, love life, career, and psyche. It is safe to say that it determines every step and every life event.

In addition to your Rasi which describes the changes related to your body, we always analyse your Navamsha - the chart of the subconscious plane. In addition to these two main charts, there are other divisional charts (Vargas) such as Hora, Drekkana, Chaturthamsha, Saptamsha, Dashamsha, Dvadashasha, Vimshamsha, and many more. They are necessary for detailed analysis and precise future predictions related to specific areas of your life.

All the ups and downs, love stories, deaths, accidents, spiritual quests, or any other sudden impulses are reflected in your personal horoscope and manifest during the related planetary periods and transit. Vedic astrology Jyotish helps us understand this cosmic game of Gods, planets, and constellations. As a result, we feel more relaxed about our lives and can be more productive when the planets are positioned in a certain manner or surrender if the atmosphere of the astrological period is conducive to rest.

A competent Vedic astrologer should base their astrological interpretations on the teachings of the following reputable Indian sages:
- Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (Parashara Muni)
- Phaldipika (Mantreshvara)
- Updasha Sutras (Maharishi Jayomini)
- Brihat Jataka (Warahamrita)
- Jataka-Bharanam (Pandit Dhundhiraj)
- Prashna-Tantra (Śrī Nilakanta).

I would like to emphasise that Vedic astrology is not just another New Age movement. It is strictly based on the teachings of the greatest astrologers of all time and its mathematical accuracy equals 100%. However, due to modern astrologers’ imperfections, we cannot achieve the same precision in predictions as the Great Sages did. According to one of the best astrologers of our time, K.N. Rao, 80 percent astrological accuracy is considered very good quality.